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I loved this! It's almost like Super Mario Bros. Z, except with more Sonic characters!

Though in the name of promoting creativity, you should try though to develop a more original and unique elements. It just seems like a copy-and-paste from SMBZ. Example: When Sonic was charging up to attack Eggman Nega, it's the exact same effect from SMBZ.

Other than that, I'll be interested in Episode 6 when it comes out.

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-Good use of V-cam
-Decent length
-Credits with animation adds a nice touch

-Stale Story line
-Unoriginal design
-Text boxes lacks appeal
-JPEGness in some backgrounds makes animation an eye-sore

Most of these points should be self explanatory. However, I wish to go into a bit more detail concerning your storyline and text boxes. Almost every time a character said a line, I get the impression that author was thinking something like "What SHOULD the character say?" instead of trying to put yourself in the character's shoes and say "What WOULD the character say?"

In a nutshell, it felt like the characters were saying whatever the heck they wanted to say.

I ain't saying I'm better when it comes to story writing but should be easy to top off by anyone as mine doesn't follow a script.

And speaking of story lines, the text itself was a little uncomfortable to read especially in the cave where it was black text on a dark blue dialog box, which was on top of a dark background. Give more contrast by either brightening the color of the dialog box or text. Please? ;)

As for some of the backgrounds looking JPEGish, it would appear as if you would need to go into Publish Settings and bump the JPEG quality up higher. Unless someone corrects me, I would recommend just crank it to maximum. It shouldn't or hardly effect the size of your swf file at all.

I think your skills in sprite animation seems to shine the most is in your v-cam movement and interaction with the 16-bit environment. This is probably what boosted your score the most. In fact, I'm not even sure what advice to give you. Only to say be cautious on not over-doing all the shaking and stuff.

And yes, I'm sure we probably all heard criticism like this before countless times, but what defiantly knocked at least a point or two from me was the material used in used in this animation. This had a bit too much hint of Super Mario Bros. Z with the same DBZ sounds, visual effects, and style of dialog boxes. I'm not saying you shouldn't be using any of the same effects, but how it was executed felt like their was hardly to no original style to the sprite animation. And besides, it's overused. People can still use Mario and Sonic sprite and can look nothing like SMBZ at all. Again, I'm not saying I'm better when it comes to issues such unoriginality, but I hope there will be more effort on aiming to create your own style.

Other than that, I give you a welcoming thumb-up and would like to see how Part 3 turns out. Hopefully by then I'll give at least a seven, eight, or if you really impress me, ten stars.

God bless and good luck. ;)

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Darkfirexavior responds:

thanks for the tips! And I'm new to flash so I had no-clue about JPEG's and encreasing the quality, so I'll look into that a lot more.


I reley don't want to review like Axman13, but I have to now...

This movie is so awesome! I mean all you do is hit the spacebar, that's it! How is this packed with so much epicness anyway? You can't control anything, besides scene selection menu. What if I didn't want Mario and Sonic to attack the airship. What apout Shadow? all you can upgrade is Mario, Sonic, and Luigi?
there is no way you can lose to at the end! this movie is win! its not even an RPG at all! i mean look at it! in what way is this supposed to be an RPG if you can do DBZ punchs and stuff? all you do is press one butten the entier time! explain to me! the athore coments al totol lies! is it supposed to be Nintendo and Sega dudes? I know how this epic movie got the daily 1st prize, or a rating of 4.25!
pepole think this review is worthles.
go ahead! i dont care! im just trying to be humorous here!

P.S. the only reson im giving this a 10 is beacuase Mario/Sonic crossovers are pretty good. But that's it!

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An endless pit of doom! I exit the game because of it. But forget about that, because now I'll review your game.

I just want to tell you how blown away at the job put into this. I actually played the the incomplete version months back and even then, I was impressed. But its twice as cool now that your completed version is submitted to Newgrounds. Awesome! I actually like it enough to put into my favorites!

This Mario game is a real winner. Great job!

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No, seriously, I actually thought it was. But I got bored of it pretty quick as there are no objectives or levels to it. I didn't find any major faults in it and seems to work good. It would probably be a good idea to expand on this into a challenging game.

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Dude, you are Awesome!

Thanks for sharing these techniques, in fact, I feel like trying it out myself. I'm guessing others appreciate the lesson you've taught here ! I've learned a lot! Thanks for taking the time to teach others.

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Thanks to the Perspective Tutorial....

I found one of the most coolest songs on Newgrounds. I like how this piece of music swings. quite smoothly to utter perfection. Eh.....almost perfect, anyway.

Oh Yeah!

This is my favorite Mario remix of all time! I could listen to it over and over again. Awesome!

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Going in my favorites

"Awesome" I guess is the word I'm looking for. Good Job!

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Helth responds:

hehe thanks.

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This was a funny pic! Man, I'm jealous of your talents. I wish I could draw as good as this. Actually maybe I can, but I don't have the dang patience to do so. And I like most of your other arts too! Keep it up!

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WendyAtticus responds:

<3 Thank you so much! XD Yeah it just comes with practice, I've been drawing since I was maybe 12 or something. But I didn't really improve at all until the last few years. *laughs* ^^ Thanks again~

Very Nicely drawn

So where's Sonic's and Amy's gloves? Did they finally decided, after all those years of wearing them, to throw them in the washing machine? Lol! Just kidding! I don't really mind them being glove-less at all. Even though I would prefer them having them on.

Not that I want to start a political debate here, even though love is a nice thing, I hate it when people draw pornographic or not very modest pictures of Sonic characters (if you get my point). And I do hope they get married before they do anything more serious. So I just want to thank you for not doing that.

Yes, I know I shouldn't be taken this so seriously, but keep in mind that pictures usually display a message.

And I think the ground is behind Amy. It looks like a side view, but I'm guessing the artist intended it to be from the top view. I think. please tell and explain to me if I'm wrong

Other than all that what I just said, This is a really nice picture.

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WendyAtticus responds:

*laughs* ^^ I think they lost them in a romantic tussle, I figured Amy wouldn't really feel his face through her gloves so that would ruin the moment :D

I agree with you :3 I don't want to see them doing anything more than a bit if snuggling and maybe a kiss before a ring is put on someones finger! ^^

It's a... top view? *giggles* XD They're laying in the sand so we're getting the view over the top of them. :D

Thank you very much for the long comment :D It's very helpful.

Nicely done

I like how you gave it a shiny effect with the gradient tool and add some some sparkling reflectors of your own. Better than what I can do. I just don't have the patients.

JOSHUA150 responds:

Hey thanks yeah i need to gave it more of a shiny effect but i was lazy.

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